192 – cousins





As I mentioned, my SIL and two of her daughters have been staying with us. The other night, Leona was feeding O hummus (which he calls “deep/dip”) and they were laughing and having a great time… or so I thought. He was waking up all night long yelling, “No!! No!! I no want more dip!!”

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191 – failure (but not really)

So, it finally happened. I missed a day in my 365 challenge. August 9th – day 191 – no pictures.

I’m actually not too upset about it. We’ve been incredibly busy this summer. My sister-in-law and two of her kids have been staying with us for a good portion of the summer (imagine four kids under three years old in a two bedroom townhouse), we’ve been travelling lots, and even when it’s just me and my kids – they only want to be outside and I try to keep them busy. Plus the preserving of summer foods from the market, and all the other things that summer brings… it’s been hard to keep up! I’m actually impressed it was only my first real screw-up!

On Friday night, I kept reminding myself that I hadn’t taken any pictures, but I was too busy trying to get all my packing done for our current trip and that was the end of that.

Oh well. One day out of almost two hundred isn’t bad. Onto the next 174…

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190 – more jedi mind tricks


She’s trying to use her Jedi Mind Tricks to get her brother to give up his cookie.

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189 – true canadian girl





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188 – leftover blueberry pie


Yeah, that’s one piece of pie left. And yeah, that’s a lot of whip cream. No, I didn’t use it all on my pie. (I sure used a lot though.)

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187 – blueberry pie






B made a sugar-free, no-bake, blueberry pie. I think the kids liked it.

Well, Addie liked the whip cream. She didn’t get pie. Just whip cream and fresh blueberries. 😉

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186 – salsa




I think I’ve almost perfected my salsa recipe for canning! Can’t wait… I hope I can make enough to last me through the winter with my salsa addiction.

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